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I'm not a big fan of comments in code. Especially after few years of writing in Objective-C, which can be very descriptive in its nature. Every time I want to write a comment, I think if what I'm trying to say could be expressed by the code I'm commenting. Or

Release no-oes

There's the time in a life of every good developer to deliver an application. And a good developer not only ships but also supports. It's great if you can add or tweak some features, but if not, there's also one other category which causes us to update our apps. Every
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Order of methods for UISlider

An interesting thing I encountered while working on iOS 7 compatibility for one app. The bug was that customized UISlider was displaying the thumb part underneath minimum and maximum tracks. Some inspection with Reveal showed that the UIImage responsible for this element was actually burried under other slider parts. It
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Useless App Store reviews

I'm quite proud of the fact that I always try to provide the best app support. That means that I answer basically all emails and I even go as far as to find users which rated the app on the App Store and contact them, if the issue seems important.
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Cocoapods unwanted files

I'm really a fan of Cocoapods and I'm learning more and more about them every time we use them in one of our projects (just like in last post). This time I have confirmation that there's no easy little command you can use to deal with this problem. While making