One drop of open source

How little is enough to make a difference? Very little. For as long as I remember I wanted to share some of my work as open source. I had some ideas, even sourceforge repositories for magnificent projects that I planned. I remember small and useful XML parsing library in C

Cocoapods unwanted files

I'm really a fan of Cocoapods and I'm learning more and more about them every time we use them in one of our projects (just like in last post). This time I have confirmation that there's no easy little command you can use to deal with this problem. While making

Cocoapods warnings tips

A short tip for people using Cocoapods. Because of how Pods are working (or should be used as in you don''t edit anything in Pods since it can be overwritten when you use pod install) it's extremely annoying (to me) when I see warnings for Pods project which I can't