Plugin Architecture in Swift(ish)

I have a strange thing with plugins. Every application which has plugin support is much better from the one that does not, even if the core functionality is smaller. It's about the potential of community being able to tweak and bend the application to their own needs. It's partially a

Ringodoro - self made Pomodoro timer

Recently I got interested in electronics again. By "again" I mean that it always interested me, in a way that children want to build robots and know how things work. Even with that curiosity it somehow never stuck with me for longer than a semester at school. A

The Double Edged Sword of Duolingo

About four months ago I decided to try to learn a new language. The reasons are a bit more complicated but I want it to give it a real shot this time. Since it's a try and I wanted to increase the chances for success by lowering the entry price,

One drop of open source

How little is enough to make a difference? Very little. For as long as I remember I wanted to share some of my work as open source. I had some ideas, even sourceforge repositories for magnificent projects that I planned. I remember small and useful XML parsing library in C