Handling multiple observers in Swift

It has been a while but I remember that when I switched from .NET to Objective-C I misses few small features that .NET, or specifically, C# had.One of them was the as operator that allowed the safe conversion between types - it either was that type and you got
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One drop of open source

How little is enough to make a difference? Very little. For as long as I remember I wanted to share some of my work as open source. I had some ideas, even sourceforge repositories for magnificent projects that I planned. I remember small and useful XML parsing library in C

// TODO: Write less comments

I'm not a big fan of comments in code. Especially after few years of writing in Objective-C, which can be very descriptive in its nature. Every time I want to write a comment, I think if what I'm trying to say could be expressed by the code I'm commenting. Or